Is the United States Moving Towards Engagement in the Ideological War?

The House Armed Services Subcommittee on Emerging Threats and Capabilities has recently held hearings on the terrorist threat. While they are garnering less attention than the hearings of the Homeland Security Committee under Rep.

Fighting The Ideological War / May 25th Conference

Register Now!!! May 25th at the Key Bridge Marriott, Arlington, VA 9:00am – 3:00pm – – May 25th at the Key Bridge Marriott, Arlington, VA $95 per person  —  $35 per student Fighting the Ideological War: Strategies For Defeating Al … Continue reading

Jihadist Ideology: The Core Texts

Together these texts reveal not only the ideological foundation for jihad but also the strategy and tactics. Dr. Sebastian Gorka will provide an overview of these core texts, including their history, evolution and application. Familiarity with and understanding of these texts is essential for anyone engaged in counter-terrorism, from the policymaker to the investigator to the street cop. Continue reading

The Language of Jihad

Many are blaming political correctness for the breakdown in security that allowed the murders of 12 soldiers and 1 civilian at Fort Hood last week. They suggest that fears over offending a member of a religious minority caused a breakdown

Islam: At War With Itself

Recent months have seen a number of unexpected and extremely encouraging statements coming out of the Muslim world. Respected, mainstream Muslim leaders in a variety of countries have voiced opinions which are at odds