Winning Battles, Losing Wars: Rethinking U.S. Strategy in the Middle East

Watch his speaker playlist About the speaker Michael Eisenstadt is the Kahn Fellow and director of The Washington Institute’s Military and Security Studies Program. A specialist in Persian Gulf and Arab-Israeli security affairs, he has published widely on irregular and … Continue reading

Fighting for Victory Against Islamism: A Muslim Blueprint for the West

Watch his speaker playlist The West desperately needs a broad-based anti-Islamist strategy to combat the global reach of this deadly ideology that threatens freedom and liberty everywhere. Dr. Jasser says that, “American Muslims, living in this unparalleled laboratory of freedom, … Continue reading

How to Define ISIS and How Morocco is Fighting It

ISIS is a cult – a very specific type of cult The media and the current U.S. administration have struggled since 2014 to define ISIS. Some have said they are not Islamic at all, which, while well-meaning, seems to fail … Continue reading

Defenseless in the Face of our Enemies: What Keeps America from Protecting Itself from Radical Islam

Watch his speaker playlist Our legal architecture for fighting the infiltration of radical Islam is stuck in a pre-1993 Cold War framework. That framework prohibits the exclusion of aliens on the grounds of ideological animus against the U.S. as opposed … Continue reading

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