Closing of the Muslim Mind

The Closing of the Muslim Mind(Robert R. Reilly, October 17, 2016) Watch his speaker playlist About the speaker Robert R. Reilly is the Director of the Westminster Institute. In his 25 years of government service, he has taught at National Defense University … Continue reading

Terrorism: a political, military danger or a cultural, ideological challenge?

ISIS is not merely a terrorist organization, it is a malicious idea. ISIS and Al Qaeda have the same ideological underpinning. We need to confront this pernicious thinking with an enlightened, open-minded thought – one that accepts The Other and … Continue reading

Fighting for Victory Against Islamism: A Muslim Blueprint for the West

Watch his speaker playlist The West desperately needs a broad-based anti-Islamist strategy to combat the global reach of this deadly ideology that threatens freedom and liberty everywhere. Dr. Jasser says that, “American Muslims, living in this unparalleled laboratory of freedom, … Continue reading

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