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Was America’s Founding Fatally Flawed by the Provenance of Its Ideas?

Will the War in Ukraine be a Turning Point for the East Mediterranean?

Will Negotiations End the War in Ukraine?

The World Turned Upside Down: America, China, and Struggle for Global Leadership

Is the United States in Terminal Decline? An Assessment

Looking for Inflation in All the Wrong Places

Europe's Energy Crisis

The Legacy of Gorbachev

What Is the State of America?

The Evolution of China's Grand Strategy as it Applies to Today

The Legacy of Shinzo Abe and the Future of the Indo-Pacific

Blasphemy Murders in Nigeria

The Economic Consequences of the Russia-Ukraine War

The War in Ukraine: How Will It End?

Stopping a Taiwan Invasion

How the War in Ukraine is Being Fought

ISIS: From Near-State to Persistent Problem

The Chinese-Russian Relationship: It's Complicated

Western Survival Depends on the Sacred

The Historical Context of the Ukrainian Conflict

One Kim to Rule Them All

Russia and Ukraine: What’s Next?

Make Peace, Not War with Russia

Erdogan's Folly: Conspiracies Bring Turkey to the Brink of Bankruptcy

What's at Stake in the Russia-Ukraine Conflict?

Impact of the American Withdrawal from Afghanistan on Central Asia

Kadhimi's Iraq: An Interlude of False Hope or the Dawn of a New Era?

The Risks of Investing in China

The Meaning of the Taliban Within the Crisis of Islam

How China Conducts Political Warfare: Taiwan & Thailand Case Studies

Asian Perspectives on the Chinese Challenge

Taliban Treatment of Women and Minorities in Afghanistan with Farahnaz Ispahani

Christian Persecution in Nigeria

The Strategic Consequences of the Failure in Afghanistan

Technology Security and Cyber Insecurity

The Hundredth Anniversary of the Chinese Communist Party

What Makes Putin Tick?

Stealth War: How China Took Over While America's Elite Slept

Great Power Competition prevents Great Power Conflict

The Strategic Significance of China’s Uyghur Genocide in the 21st Century World Order

The National Security and Human Rights Dimensions of China's Presence in the U.S. Capital Markets

Never Speak to Strangers: David Satter on Russia and the Soviet Union

America on Trial: A Defense of the Founding

Is There a New Path to Peace in Afghanistan?

The Sources of Russian Conduct

Challenges Facing Christian Communities in Turkey Today

The Armenian-Azerbaijani Crisis

The Nature of Putin's Regime and the Reasons for its Foreign Policy

How China Sees the World: The Return of the Middle Kingdom

Al-Shabaab Update and Strategic Plan

Hagia Sophia: The Latest Target of Erdogan's Supremacist Policies

The Chinese Communist Party's Plan to Dominate Asia and the World

The Crucifix on Mecca's Front Porch

Who Lost Afghanistan?

You Will Be Assimilated: China's Plan to Sino-Form the World

Iraq: Past, Present, and Pivotal Future

Analysis of the Geopolitics of the Libya Conflict (June 2020)

China and US Strategic Competition

The Reemergence of Civilizations (including Russia’s) as the Defining Factor in the Future of the Middle East

Is the Muslim Brotherhood Still a Threat Today?

Inside Iran: What Forces Will Decide its Future, and How?

Total Competition: The China Challenge in the South China Sea

Saudi Arabia's Unpredictable Future

Iraqi Freedom Confronts Iranian Domination

Is Peace Possible in Afghanistan?

How does the Russo-Chinese Alliance Threaten U.S. Interests and Allies?

How Terrorist Groups End

Becoming Europe: Economic Culture, Decline, and How America Can Avoid a European Future

Reason, Faith, and the Struggle for Western Civilization

Deceiving the Sky: Inside Communist China’s Drive for Global Supremacy

Indonesia’s Muslim Counter Radicalization Movements

The Ongoing War in the Persian Gulf: Why Does It Matter to the US?

Liberty in the Things of God: The Christian Origins of Religious Freedom

The Effect of US Sanctions on Iran’s Economy

ISIS' Leaderless Revolution And The Sri Lanka Attacks

Which Revolution Will Succeed in Sudan?

Caliphaters and Apocalyptic Jihad

The Art of Peace: Engaging a Complex World

Purifying the Land of the Pure: Pakistan's Religious Minorities

US Strategy in the Middle East till 2020: Will it Work?

The Future of the War on Terror – ISIS and After

The Fertile Crescent After ISIS – Between Russia, Iran and Israel

How to Identify Jihadi-Salafists Through Their Ideology, Practices, and Methodology

Armies of Sand: The Past, Present, and Future of Arab Military Effectiveness

The Sorrows of Egypt, Revisited

The New Rules of War: Victory in the Age of Durable Disorder

Not What Went Wrong, but Why it Went Wrong

The Making (and Unmaking) of a Jihadist Mind

The Islamic State Attacks Indonesia - And its 'Middle Way'

Inside Al-Shabaab: The Secret History of Al-Qaeda's Most Powerful Ally

How Erdogan Consolidates Power: the Weaponization of Turkish Media and the Scapegoating of Minorities

The Heart of Religious Freedom

Evolution in Islamic insurgency in Asia

The History of Jihad

The Terrorist Argument: Modern Advocacy and Propaganda

How Turkey Sees Its Role in the World and What it Means for the U.S.

America's Enemies Old and New and the Trump Doctrine

In the Warlords’ Shadow: Special Operations Forces, the Afghans, and Their Fight Against the Taliban

John Dziak: Old Lesson for New Wars

Will the Islamic Republic Last Long Enough to Get a Nuclear Bomb?

How Some Muslim Activists Use Speech Codes to Subjugate the West and How to Respond

What are the Prospects for Real Reform in Saudi Arabia?

Reinventing an American International Broadcasting Network to the Arab World

Arab Identities and Tribal Culture

Immigration and the Preservation of European Culture

Broadcasting Change: Arabic Media as a Catalyst for Liberalism

How to Support Democracy: The Case of Indonesia

The Taliban Revival: Violence and Extremism on the Afghan-Pakistan Frontier

The Islam in Islamic Terrorism: The Importance of Beliefs, Ideas, and Ideology

After ISIS: The Future of Iraq in the Hands of Iran

David Goldman: Will China overtake the U.S. as the world's leading superpower?

Underestimating Sudan and What That Means to the Region, the U.S., and the World

Israel: How Was David Made into Goliath? How the World Turned Against Israel

Understanding Islamist Radical Terrorism

The Security Challenges for Lebanon and the Surrounding Area

The Future of Iraqi Kurdistan, the Kurdish Independence Referendum, Women's Rights, and What Happened under ISIS in Iraq

End of Christianity in the Cradle of Christendom?: A Report from Northern Iraq after ISIS

Push and Pull of Religious Extremism: Who Are the Terrorists, How Are they Recruited, What Can We Do?

The Drivers of Russian Strategy in the Middle East

Unorthodox Thoughts In Regard to the Middle East Military Dimension

How the Iranian Revolution Changed the Role of the Shia Clergy

Islamism and Jihadism: The Challenge and the Threat for Trump

iWar: War And Peace In The Information Age

Eyewitness to Christian Persecution in Nigeria's Kaduna Region

Afghanistan: From the Great Game to the Global War on Terror

Chen Guangcheng: Civil Rights in China

Next Steps in Immigration and National Security: The Global Response

The Demise of the Arab State, Re-Tribalization, and the Emergence of “Jihadistans” in the Next Five Years

The Sunni Response to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action – Toward MAD or Stability?

How the Internet Developed the Global Jihadi Movement

Winning Battles, Losing Wars: Rethinking U.S. Strategy in the Middle East

Fall of Turkey

Ike’s Gamble: America’s Rise to Dominance in the Middle East

What Was Islamic Culture and What Happened to It?

Restoring Hope in Iraq for Persecuted Christians and Other Religious Minorities

Celina Realuyo: Defunding ISIS and Other Terrorists

The Future of Islamism in Egypt

Closing of the Muslim Mind

The Battle for Human Rights in North Korea: Is There Any Hope?

Suzanne Scholte - The Battle for Human Rights in North Korea

Suzanne Scholte - The Battle for Human Rights in North Korea

Suzanne Scholte (English language transcript)

Turkey, the Coup, and ISIS

Terrorism: a political, military danger or a cultural, ideological challenge?

Fighting for Victory Against Islamism: A Muslim Blueprint for the West

Congressman Frank Wolf on Boko Haram

The Field of Fight: How We Can Win the Global War Against Radical Islam and Its Allies

How to Define ISIS and How Morocco is Fighting It

Defenseless in the Face of our Enemies: What Keeps America from Protecting Itself from Radical Islam

How Jihadists Weaponize Islamic History and How to De-Weaponize It

Obama's Leading From Behind: The National Security Consequences

Turkey Returns to Jihad: Gülen & the Gülen Movement

Christian Genocide: Evidence for Its Designation and Saving Christianity in Iraq

What Went Wrong in 2003: An Iraqi Story for the Future

How Iran Fuels ISIS

Iran's Global Ambition

Deciphering the Middle East: Why the U.S. Usually Gets it Wrong

National Security and the Islamic State: Foreign and Domestic

Geopolitics of the Jihadi Threat: Assessment of ISIS and Iran's Strategies

Lasting and Expanding: The Next Generation of Jihad and Global Warfare

Russia in the Middle East with Ilan Berman

Information Warfare and the Muslim Brotherhood

Sir Walter Scott’s Crusades and Other Fantasies

DIA’s Intelligence Information Report on Osama bin Laden’s Failed 2000 Hijacking

Press Conference On Findings & Policy Recommendations From Westminster Institute’s Delegation to Egypt

Hezbollah: The Global Footprint of Lebanon’s Party of God

Psychology and Ideology of Islamic Extremism

The Importance of Muslim Reformers

The Muslim Brotherhood and the Mobilizational Power of Ideology

Information Operations

A New U.S. Response to Upheaval in the Middle East

Countering Subversion: Lessons from History

Katharine Gorka: The OIC's Political Warfare

Sebastian Gorka: A New American Strategy

Marked for Destruction: Christians in Syria and Egypt

Al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood: A New American Strategy

The British Response to International Terrorism

American Betrayal: The Secret Assault on Our Nation's Character

The Organization of Islamic Cooperation: Infringing on Free Speech

Sebastian Gorka: America and Irregular Warfare

Iranian Strategic Influence in the Hemisphere

Deciphering Iranian Decision Making and Strategy Today

Becoming Europe: Book Event with Dr. Samuel Gregg

Lessons From the Battlefield: Counter-Insurgency for Domestic Law Enforcement - December 15, 9:00-11:00am

Psychological Strategy and National Security

KSM - The Mastermind of 9/11

Lone Wolf Shooters - Briefing on August 25th 9:00 - 10:30 am

Al Qaeda After the Death of Bin Laden – The Future of Jihadist Terrorism

Political-Ideological Warfare in Integrated Strategy, and its Basis in an Assessment of Soviet Reality

The Future of Jihadist Terrorism

Stephen Ulph: Islamism and Totalitarianism

Diplomacy in the Modern Era

The Role of Religion in the Battle Space Since 9/11

Lessons from the Cold War

May 25th Conference: Al Qaeda After the Death of Bin Laden - The Future of Jihadist Terrorism

How Terrorist Groups End

Fighting The Ideological War / May 25th Conference

Understanding Security In Pakistan's Tribal Areas

EVENT: Islamism and the Future of the Christians