6 Ways of Defeating Al Qaeda, According to Al Qaeda

AQ expert Jarret Brachman says possible UBL successor al-Libi made a recent strategic blunder by providing a list of six ways that al-Qaeda could be defeated:

  • Providing “backtrackers,” like Sayyid al-Sharif, a platform to spread their message.
  • Fabricating and exaggerating al-Qaeda’s missteps.
  • Supporting anti-Qaeda fatwas.
  • Encouraging new moderate voices in regional Muslim populations
  • Publishing degrading jihadi symbols, such as mocking images of jihadi leaders.
  • Promoting distinctions and divisions between different branches of Salafism.

Are these viable tactics?  Are we engaging the enemy at this level?  Join us for a full-day’s discussion with some of today’s leading experts on the jihadist movements and the ideological battle.  For full details click here.