End of Christianity in the Cradle of Christendom?: A Report from Northern Iraq after ISIS

Watch David Eubank’s Speaker Playlist Watch Frank Wolf’s Speaker Playlist About the speaker David Eubank, former U.S. Army Ranger and Special Forces officer and founder of the Free Burma Rangers, discussed his time spent on the front lines of the … Continue reading

Congressman Frank Wolf on Boko Haram

Watch his speaker playlist About the speaker Congressman Frank Wolf was widely acknowledged as the “conscience” of the Congress during his long service in the House of Representatives. First elected in 1980, he left Congress at the end of his … Continue reading

Congress Pushes Back on White House Counter-Terrorism Training Review

A sweeping and secretive review of all counter-terrorism training recently set in motion by the White House has raised widespread concerns that this politically motivated initiative will undermine U.S. national security.  The review process has already blacklisted or sidelined many trainers and experts and imposes a debilitating … Continue reading

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