Re-engaging in the War of Ideas: Lessons from the Active Measures Working Group

For all who are concerned about the Islamist threat, these are not happy days.  Our government is not only supporting Islamist groups abroad, but here at home seems to be allowing Islamists to dictate national security policy.  Most infamously, they … Continue reading

The Political Warfare Campaign Against U.S. Counter-Terrorism Experts

The Organization of Islamic Cooperation has laid out a strategy for preventing reference to terrorism in association with Islam. They are targeting training and education for the military and law enforcement, and pursueing their strategy by working through NGOs, think … Continue reading

What Are We Teaching Our Soldiers Besides the Shahada?

A storm is brewing over changes the Obama administration has made to counter-terrorism training.  In the fall the administration initiated a widespread review of training and trainers, which resulted in the blacklisting of many trainers, the censoring of training materials, … Continue reading

Redefining the Current Threat Landscape: DHS’s Evolution to Acknowledging Religiously Based Terrorism

Last week the House Homeland Security Committee held a hearing with Secretary of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano, and Director of the National Counterterrorism Center, Matthew G. Olsen. 

New book now available – “Fighting the Ideological War: Winning Strategies from Communism to Islamism”

The Westminster Institute and Isaac Publishing released a new book on May 23rd, 2012 titled, Fighting the Ideological War: Winning Strategies from Communism to Islamism.  This book includes insightful contributions from: Dr. Patrick Sookhdeo, Stephen Ulph, John H. Moore, Dr. … Continue reading

Large Roadblocks on the Islamist Path to Democracy

By: Robert R. Reilly Wall Street Journal LETTERS 4/30/12 In “The Islamist Road to Democracy” (WSJ op-ed, April 23), Reuel Marc Gerecht advises against “nostalgia and depression” in regard to what may seem unfavorable changes in the Middle East, but … Continue reading

The Superiority of Western Values in Eight Minutes

   By: Ibn Warraq    In a public debate in London against Tariq Ramadan, Ibn Warraq was given eight minutes to argue the superiority of Western values. Here is his defense of the West, which forms the basis for his … Continue reading

White House Review Threatens Counter-Terrorism Operations

The White House has initiated a secretive review of all federal law enforcement and military counter-terrorism training.  This process has already blacklisted several recognized authorities and is expected to forbid future use of terms such as “jihad” or “Islamist terrorism.”  … Continue reading

Dreaming of Spring in Tunisia by Katharine Cornell Gorka

The whole world seems to be agog with the victory of Islamists in Tunisia.  “Moderate Islamists,” they are called.  “A historic milestone on Tunisia’s path from autocratic dictatorship to a government that respects the will of the people,” declares Hilary … Continue reading

Will the Arab Spring Turn Into Winter? by Robert R. Reilly

The Judeo-Christian tradition and Islam have very different understandings of the nature of man and his relationship to God, and these understandings in turn go a long way toward determining the political systems that grow out of these respective cultures.

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